What’s happening in the world of Kiss Chase Creations!

It’s been another few nail-biting months here at Kiss Chase Creations, with it being the end of the academic term and we are more than relieved to see the yearbook madness come to an end. With there being lots of children and lots of photos and potentially lots of room for error, making it quite a difficult task to undertake. Although, there is something quite special about playing a part in celebrating the end of an era with these bushy tailed, wide eyed youngsters about to embark on the next chapters of their lives, whether it be moving from primary education up to the senior school, or the next stage up from that and going into work, apprenticeships, or even higher education.

It was during this busy time that we struggled to maintain our running streak with our social media posts that we had just started to come to grips with. You may have noticed we have increased our on line profile by regularly creating new posts. Hope you’ve laughed at some of our funny posts, been inspired by our motivational ones and enjoyed seeing an array of our beautiful products. It has been a challenge finding new things to post about but it can sometimes come as a welcome break from the usual work routine. The throw back Thursday has been a particularly interesting one and quite often brings a touch of nostalgia and many hair-raising moments of how much time has passed along with some painful reality checks with regards to haircuts and fashion choices that were made. It has been difficult to resist the urge to post cute pictures or videos of fluffy animals doing funny things, which most certainly brings a smile to us all here at Kiss Chase Creations, and I firmly believe it is by far the best way to cheer anybody up and put a smile on anyone’s face. One of our favourite animals has to be the sloth, so don’t be surprised if a few of those pop up here or there in our future posts.

Along with our regular posting we have recently released a face book video campaign, which is much harder than it looks. Victor Kiam, the owner of Remington who made an advert in the 70’s with his famous quote of I liked it so much I bought the company’ really did make it look easy. For the more seasoned professional actor I’m sure talking to the camera is a walk in the park but for the poor untrained man or woman off the street, looking straight into the camera and improvising a speech about your company took quite a few attempts. In fact, we may have enough out-takes to put in a video clip montage and post that. The idea is to use this medium to keep you up to date with what’s going on and a video message is probably the easiest and quickest way to do it. We promise to keep them short and sweet with just the basic of information to keep you informed.

There is a little buzz of excitement in the air here as we are currently researching into some new projects which we are looking forward to telling you about, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to get the nitty gritty details. For now, we can only say that it will bring in some new faces around here and hopefully many more hands busily working away.

All these great new adventures have been put on hold though while we enjoy the summer holiday, but be assured we will be back on the case come September.

From everyone here we wish you a very happy summer holiday and hope the sun shines on you wherever you are. Although if you are in Britain that may be asking a little too much but we are forever optimistic about our weather if nothing else.

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