We Weren’t Expecting This!

Who would have thought that as we entered this new year, it would turn out quite like this? An eye-opening test of resolve for every human around the world and a peek in to how we would behave, individually or as a nation in these extreme conditions. Thankfully, the signs suggest that we will beat this, but we all need to do our bit to help get it under control. However, I fear we have a long road to recovery. As a global crisis we have all suffered losses but never as the world been so united against a common enemy that cares nothing of colour, creed and nationality. If there is one good thing that can be taken from this situation. it is that, we are all fundamentally made of the same stuff and we must all work together to make it better.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, we did have a vision of how we wanted the year to go for Kiss Chase and despite the obvious obstacles we have managed to succeed in achieving some of our goals. Last year we started making steps to creating a new arm to our business, which we hope will benefit our frequent customers but also add a corporate side to our enterprise.  To help clarify the two aspects to our company we have given our latest creation a new and exciting name of Go2 Promotions which is linking in very nicely to Go2 Group of Companies, which is some other new exciting news that we will be telling you all about soon.

As we are already a successful company dealing in bespoke products, it wasn’t going to be a far stretch of the imagination to branch out to other personalised goods. We now offer a full range of wares that can be personalised with the company name, logo and colours. There is also a variety of exhibition products which are great for promotional purposes such as pens, note pads, tote bags and many more.

We pride ourselves on our customer services and we’re really happy to have a 100% highly satisfied rate on our customer survey, and we want to continue to offer the same friendly, helpful service with our corporate products. Our aim will be to get our customers the best product for the best price and get them to you as soon as possible.

When we finally beat this crisis and come out on the other side, we hope that all the ideas and plans we are making will come through to fruition. We look forward to seeing what new ideas we can help you with that have been brewing in the minds of our customers whilst enjoying the downtime that the universe has imposed on us. Something tells me that from the crisis, creativity will rise and hopefully, greatness will come.

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