The End of a Chapter…….


After a well-deserved break we can finally have a moment to reflect upon our busiest time of year. The end of school term – which is an emotional time, especially for those who are leaving and going on into a new chapter of their lives. As a gift or reward many schools organise a yearbook, which is where we at Kiss Chase Creations come in. We currently help several schools to create this wonderful book full of photos of all the pupils and some memories of their time, including sporting occasions, special events and proms. A lovely memento of their time in the place they have spent some of their formative years. It brings us great satisfaction to help produce a product that will give its audience not just that initial moments pleasure but will be a lasting memory and a book that will be fondly revisited many times in the future.


However, this wonderful gift comes at a price. The people involved in the organising of such a gift have their work cut out for them as there is a lot of information and photos to collate before we can even get started on designing this amazing creation. To add just a little more pressure, the prom or school journey which is unhelpfully, yet understandably located at the end of their leaving year, but as a highlight of their school life is a ‘must have’ in their Year Book. This makes for some hair-raising moments whilst we await the arrival of the photos to include in the yearbook.


The reward for all this stress is the knowledge that despite the feelings of the school being good or bad the books will help to mark the end of an era which will trigger, if only for a moment, some reflection and the hope that one day you will look upon this collection of photos and memoirs with the fondest of memories.


In these early months of the first term of school we can appreciate the quiet days, while we eagerly wait to play our part in creating the next lot of memories for the new school leavers just entering their last but not least school year.


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