Personalised Wrapping Paper – 1st Birthday – CBGBPEWP0018


Create your own wrapping paper, for any occasion, using one, or a combination of:

The wonderful drawings your kids have created,

Images that best fits the person and or occasion,

Personalised messages, E.g ‘ To Sam , Happy 6thBirthdy lots of love Mum & Dad’

Your favourite photos,


  • Upload File 1 i.e jpg, zip, pdf

    • (max file size 2 MB) £

    Upload File 2 i.e jpg, zip, pdf

    • (max file size 2 MB) £

    Upload File 3 i.e jpg, zip, pdf

    • (max file size 2 MB) £

    Additional information i.e colour, size, comments

    • £


Personalised Wrapping Paper 24″ x 40″ (1 metre Roll).  1st metre includes design at £6.00 and then each roll £2.00 thereafter.

This top quality, extra strong paper has a matt finish and comes in a one metre roll.  The image or message of your choice is repeated throughout the roll of paper, so your design will be seen, however gift is wrapped. Our hard working team will help bring your desired design together and make the packaging of your gift a talking point at any party.