Memory Box – M Lucking & Sons – FDMB0006


We currently supply our carefully handcrafted, personalised boxes to many local Funeral Directors. The elegant memory box is then customised with their individual branding displayed on it, with a subtle and respectful design. We deliver on a weekly basis to enable you to offer this special service to all your families. The presentation box has the deceased name on as standard but we can also add a photo at no extra cost if this is required. At the end of proceedings, the box is presented to the bereaved with any paper work or items such as the flower cards and order of service neatly stored inside. The bereaving family can  use this beautiful, practical parting gift to store all their condolence cards, letters and any other keepsake items.

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Memory Box – M Lucking & Sons

Measures 21cm (8.5”) in Width, 26cm (10.5”) in length and 12.5 cm (5”) in Depth.


The memory box has a glossy finish, which combined with its lightweight makes for a stylish, high quality and durable gift. Our unique boxes are designed to your specifications by us, using your company colours and photos or images that are personally related to your business. You will be included throughout the design phase to ensure you have a product that reflects you’re ethos.

The lid is detachable and is great for allowing easy access to store or remove the contents.

‘We have been giving our clients the memory box’s for a while and have had nothing but positive feedback from our families, with some of wanting additional boxes’       Mr Roy Palmer (M.Lucking & Sons)