Large Box – CBGBGBFL0005


Our carefully handcrafted personalised boxes have a glossy finish, which combined with its lightweight makes for a stylish, high quality and durable gift. Our Unique boxes are a perfect present on their own or could be used as a gift box. Designed to your specifications by us with photos, messages, and any images that best suits the occasion. Choose the theme and colour and we will do the rest. You could have illustrated on the box what you eventually intend to store in it or even a clue to the gift inside.

The lid is detachable and is great for allowing easy access to store or remove the contents.


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Measures 15.5 (6.5”) in Width, 34cm (13.5”) in Length and 18cm (7”) in Depth.

This unique style box with its overlapping doubled sized lid, is not only great for offering extra support but allows more design space for you to add photos, messages or images on. It would make a fantastic arts and crafts storage box or a lovely home for all those Lego bricks we so often find quite painfully around the house.

This size box will comfortably fit a bottle of champagne with two glasses and together with the personal design, would make an unusual and thoughtful gift. For an extra bonus this beautiful bespoke box can be used to store your keepsakes long after the event as a lasting reminder.


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