Folder – A5 Leavers Book -FWA5F0000


Our beautiful hand made folders is a fantastic and unique leavers gift for that special colleague and friend.  The design of the cover will be to your specifications and will have photos, wording, themes and colours of your choice. You can include a ‘This is you Life’ style format with photos and achievements throughout their working life. As well as messages from past and present colleagues. A great and unusual gift that will be a long lasting reminder of their time spent at their work place.

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Our beautifully handmade folders come in 3 sizes A4, A3 and A5 and are useful for multiple purposes. The shiny, gloss finish gives the product a high quality feel and look to it, whilst your photos, messages and images on the folder will give it that extra special, personal touch. They will come with either a 2 or 4 ring bind mechanism dependent on the folder size and the plastic wallets, if required can be bought separately.