Extra Large Box


Our carefully handcrafted personalised boxes have a glossy finish, which combined with its lightweight makes for a stylish, high quality and durable gift. Our Unique boxes are a perfect present on their own or could be used as a gift box. Designed to your specifications by us with photos, messages, and any images that best suits the occasion. Choose the theme and colour and we will do the rest. You could have illustrated on the box what you eventually intend to store in it or even a clue to the gift inside.

The lid is detachable and is great for allowing easy access to store or remove the contents.



Measures 30cm (12”) in Width, 43cm(17.5”) in Length and 12.5cm (5”) in Depth. This size, is great as a unique and special gift box for those bigger items such as, that beautiful dress she hinted at or that shirt he was eyeing up. It’s especially useful when buying as a group and want to give a number of exciting gifts, as in the case of a baby shower, where you might want to buy a combination of baby grows, rattles, cuddly toys and a collection of other baby paraphernalia and wrap it up in one unique, stylish and thoughtful bundle. This amazing gift can conveniently double up as a high quality, robust keepsake box that will fit lots of larger A3 sized items or over 100 celebration cards. The box could be kept on top of your wardrobe and wouldn’t look unsightly and would only need the occasional wipe until you’re ready to have a little trip down memory lane or to add another momento to the collection.

The lid to the extra large box can easily show a montage 25 photos or more and is a very special gift to give someone who has everything and asks for nothing. Giving up your precious time to design a personalised keepsake box will show them how much you care and will also provide them with a useful yet stylish, storage place for all their momentos and keepsakes they have accumulated over the years.


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