Box – Medium Birthday Gift Box – FBGMB1007


Our carefully handcrafted personalised boxes have a glossy finish, which combined with its lightweight makes for a stylish, high quality and durable gift. Our special gift box is a beautiful way of showing your appreciation. With your favourite photo and a personal message on the lid, it will be a unique and long lasting gift that will be fitting for a super Mum on her birthday.

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Measures 21cm (8.5”) in Width, 26cm (10.5”) in length and 12.5 cm (5”) in Depth. Our medium sized box can be used to gift wrap items such as perfume, Tablets, medium sized books, up to 13 DVD box set, or perhaps even a collection of small cosmetics / skin care products. This great gift also double’s up as a very stylish memory keepsake box to store several small souvenirs or would easily fit over 50 of those celebration cards that we just simply cannot throw away.