Box – Large School Memory Box 01 – JFSLB0000


The lid to the extra large box can easily show a montage of at least 25 photos or even some of your child’s artwork can be recreated and displayed. A very special gift to give someone who has everything and asks for nothing. Giving up your precious time to design a personalised keepsake box will show them how much you care and will also provide them with a useful yet stylish, storage place for all their mementos and keepsakes they have accumulated over the years.

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Measures 30cm (12”) in Width, 43cm(17.5”) in Length and 12.5cm (5”) in Depth.
This fantastic keepsake box is a great way to store all your child’s work. When the pieces of art and certificates start to mount up, and you just can’t bear to throw them away. These personalised boxes are a great solution.