Box – Large In Loving Memory Box 05 – ILMLB0004


Our carefully handcrafted personalised memory boxes have a glossy finish, which combined with its lightweight makes for a stylish, high quality and durable gift. Our Unique box is the perfect present on its own or it can be used as a gift presentation box. Designed to your specifications by us with photos, messages, and any images that best fit’s the occasion. Choose the theme and colour and we will do the rest.

The lid will comfortably display a montage of 16 photos and is detachable, allowing easy access to store or remove the contents.

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Measures 30cm (12”) in Width, 43cm(17.5”) in Length and 12.5cm (5”) in Depth. The lid to the extra large box can easily show a montage of up to 25 photos and can be a great collection of memories of your loved one, or maybe just one or two of your favourites. The box is a comfortable size to store items such as the flower cards, order of service and up to 100 sympathy/condolence cards. You could even store of those small keepsake items that you just can’t throw away such as; favourite item of clothing, small teddy bear or souvenirs of your favourite holiday, in there that you just can’t throw away. The beautiful box will fit nicely under the bed or on top of the wardrobe ready to be revisited as often as you like.