Personalised Bereavement Memory Box

Personalised Bereavement Memory Box is a thoughtful ideal solution for you or a family member to keep the memories of a lost loved one or pet. Whether you want to fill your Bereavement Memory Boxes with photos, belongings and even their ashes, Kiss Chase Creations will create a bespoke Bereavement Keepsake Box that resembles the life of your loved one, with detailed personal touches. These Personalised Bereavement Memory Box will cherish and keep those precious memories alive in your memory forever. Our Bereavement Memory Boxes can be given as a gift to someone who has lost a relative or pet or used for an individual’s funeral to honour their life and memory.

Experiencing the passing of a friend or family member can be a confounding, hurtful time. For those who struggle to handle grief may find that it’s hard to express their sadness verbally or might be hesitant to talk out of dread of upsetting everyone around them. By making a memory box, it can provide the chance to discuss the individual you have both lost, help you or a loved one to open up about their emotions, and permit you both to share recollections and remember your cherished one. If you have a friend or relative who is concerned about losing the memory of the individual who has passed on, a memory box can provide a special keepsake for those beautiful mementoes. Expounding on extraordinary valuables to keep in the memory box can bring the family together during this upsetting time and encourage those to express their despondency in an imaginative manner without the weight or stresses they may have over communicating verbally.

Your Personalised Bereavement Memory Box can be used for putting away photographs, little tokens of recognition or a keepsake of a previous favourite memory.