Personalised Bereavement Memory Box’s

“Humans make art to remember and be remembered… Art is their weapon against forgetting” – Melissa Grey

This is a quote that beautifully summarizes our philosophy here at Kiss Chase Creations. Art is our first line of defence against some of the harsh realities of the world, a place of refuge and remembrance, and ultimately a way in which to honour and make sense of concepts of mortality and the universe in which we are bound. Here at Kiss Chase Creations, it is our aim and more than that, it is our pleasure, to help you in your times of great need.

From the little bits and bobs left over from a loved ones life, we enable you to gather the myriad of trivia, photographs, objects, knick-knacks and tokens – these things that are so laden with sentimentality for you that to other people may look like just casual stuff – and we have found a way of combining and centralising these objects together in order to transform them as a whole into…

A Life made into Art!

Encapsulating the likes and loves and funny sides of your lost one, we have found that this can be a massive help in your grieving process, and our personalised Bereavement Memory Boxes help to elevate these innocent little knick-knacks into an artistic representation of your loved one’s life. As long as a person is remembered, their legacy lives on forever. As sad as death inevitably is, it is also a door into the greatest and most beloved memories of our loved one, and makes us treasure them in a whole new way. After all, art is our weapon against forgetting, and we hope that our special Bereavement Memory Boxes help to give you a little bit of artistic brightness and happiness to help shine a light through the darkest of times.



Losing a friend or family member can be pivotal and regularly we need keepsakes and recollections to help recuperate our grief. Keeping extraordinary memories through photos, valuables and special belongings can make all of us feel close to lost friends and family, which can guide you through your sorrows. Bereavement keepsake boxes can provide you with a special place to store the memories of a passed loved one or help guide a friend through their grief. Each Bereavement Keepsake Box is personalised to represent the life of that individual, whether that’s a pet or someone close to you has lost a family member Kiss Chase Creations can provide Personalised Bereavement Memory Boxes for every sentimental memory.

When you are faced with the loss of a friend or family member passes away, the exceptional recollections ought to be treasured. A Personalised Bereavement Memory Box ‌may facilitate the torment and help with the lamenting procedure. Valuable things and photos can be cherished, as a token of times shared together. We can create a bespoke Bereavement Keepsake Box’s completely personalised to those in heaven.

Bereavement Memory Boxes will help you through the grief of a loved one. When you are missing a family member and want to revisit their memories, a memory box can help you do that. Here at Kiss Chase Creations, we provide custom, Bereavement Memory Boxes that will keep you and your loved one close forever.