Father’s Day Dilemma

Father’s Day is fast approaching and as always we leave things to the last minute.  Quite often resorting to the generic gift bought from one of those chain card & gift shops. Our dads know we love them right – so we don’t need to organise a massive display of appreciation. Or do we?

We know most men are not usually sentimental and that they wouldn’t be overwhelmed at receiving a thoughtful gift but maybe occasionally it would make a nice change to be a little more considerate and find a fathers day present that will show exactly how much you care and love them.

A personalised gift is a fantastic way to show that you’ve spent your valuable time and energy on preparing your present and a great way to make your Dad feel special. We know that deep down; past all that responsible, serious, fatherly exterior they will be chuffed to bits. A moment in any parents life when you feel proud of your off spring for doing a lovely thing and confirmation for you that you’ve done something right as a parent.

We have several father’s day gifts for you to choose from but we can also help with any creative ideas that you have and together produce a truly bespoke gift for your loved one. The simplest and most effective gift we offer is a canvas print with quote or message. All that you would require is your favourite photo and the words you would like to appear on the print. If you have several photos then we can do a montage with your personal message.

For those of you who would rather not use photos there is the option of our framed artwork. A very simple but effective gift is the ‘ Things we love about Daddy’ frame, where you just need to supply us with the reasons and we will create for you your very own personalised framed artwork.

Our latest baby that we have introduced this year is our wire bound books, which will require a little more effort from you, but it will all be worth while when you see how pleased they will be when they receive it. This lovely little product is a book of the special dad with photos and either a story or a poem about them and how much they mean to you. If required, we can arrange for your story to be transformed into a poem and together with the fantastic photos you supply we can create a very unique and amazing gift.


Finally, we feel the best way to gift wrap one of these unique gifts is of course to choose from our range of Father’s Day wrapping paper selection or indeed personalise your own by adding a photo and text special to you.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and hope you enjoy your special day wherever you are and whatever gift you receive. It will always be a small way of saying thank you for all the hard work that you dads do.


From all the team at Kiss Chase Creations


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