Exciting New Product

We’re very excited here at Kiss Chase Creations with a brand new purchase that’s going to allow us to create some great new products. In fact, this handy little gadget will help us to create a whole range of products to offer you. The very uninspiringly named WR150 is a machine that will help us make wire bound books. Our first attempt at a product has been a huge success. We produced a fabulous Mother’s Day book which although took some time and effort – was made all worth while when seeing the reaction on the extremely happy Mother, who very much appreciated the personal gift.

The Mother’s Day book was packed with lots of fabulous photos and a personalised poem, which we had arranged to be created for the lucky Mum in question. All we required was as much information about her that we could obtain, and from that we created an amazing poem. The plan was to have pictures and words to synchronise, and together make the most, wonderful story, and an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift.

We’re very optimistic that the wire bound book can be themed for any individual, and any occasion and will make a fantastic unique gift. We’re itching to be getting on with designing our first personalised book for many other occasions too, including those milestone birthdays, special anniversaries, Wedding days, retirement gifts and Fathers Day. Will be great to see the variety of stories we can make with the poems and photos of the family and friends of our customers.

Another idea we have planned is personalised notebooks, where the front cover will be designed to your specifications with colours and themes to match your requirements and will be great for party bag gifts. We could even make a Wedding note book co-ordinated to match your theme and colour scheme, and would be great to keep all those important notes that are taken whilst organising the big event.

From a professional point of view we could create business notebooks using your company logos and colours and would be a useful marketing tool. Especially for those on the front line facing potential customers and want to give a stylish first impression.

We’re really looking forward to seeing where we can take this new product and will be happy to keep you informed of any new ideas from either, our customers or our creative team.

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