Autumnal ‘I do’s’


The spring, and summer months have always been the most popular time to ‘tie the knot,’ and most wedding accessories are heavily influenced by the bright colours that come with the lighter evenings and warm days. However, some people are happy to have their special day in the equally as beautiful autumn months with its warm, snug and cosy feel.

Where am I going with this you might be wondering?  Well, we were very proud of a recent request we had here at Kiss Chase Creations for a wedding box with an autumn theme, as the happy couple were making their wedding vows in the picturesque month of October. We are not often asked for this unusual combination, so it was lovely to have the opportunity to create a box, which encompassed both wedding and autumn themes, whilst being sympathetic to the customer’s requirements.

The most obvious place to start with the design was to ask the customer if they had any preferences with regards to colours or patterns – and true inspiration came from the photo they sent (see above). We were immediately drawn to the beautiful orange, brown, green and yellow colours, which are famously associated with this time of the year and great shades to work with. The other element that stood out was the pattern of the leaves, that are also strongly linked to this tranquil time, with an abundance of them looming on every street, and can so often provoke a warm nostalgic feeling, we felt this would make a wonderful image to introduce to the design. We also needed to include the meaningful words supplied by our customer, which added another personal touch with all the lovely things related to the newly weds. Together with the great photos provided, it finished off the box perfectly. A beautiful and thoughtful gift, proudly given by our customer and we’re sure will be treasured by the happy couple for many years to come.


Jill Logan – testimonial from Jill the newly wed

We absolutely love it and were overwhelmed by the detail and beauty of it.  We will treasure it for years to come as a memory box for precious mementos from our wedding.  It’s nice to be able to thank you directly for such a lovely creation.

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